ANBUG executive committee renewal

The ANBUG executive committee is due for renewal at the end of 2018, and we are looking for members who are interested in being part of the committee.

In 2019, Tracy Rushmer will become ANBUG president.  Our current president, Ian Gentle, will remain on the committee for a further two years as immediate past president.  We need to develop a slate of candidates for six other executive committee members.  One of the vacant positions is the office of vice president, who will become president in 2021.  Current executive committee members may also stand for re-election.

Once we have candidates, elections will be held and the new committee announced at our annual symposium AANSS, 19-21 November 2018.

If you are interested in becoming an ANBUG executive committee member, please email Katy Wood ( or Ian Gentle (  You should say whether you are interested in becoming vice president or one of the other members and send a short paragraph about yourself which will be circulated to members on voting.

Any questions please contact any of the ANBUG executive committee.

Call for AONSA Young Research Fellowship 2019

Applications are now sought for the AONSA Young Research Fellowship. The AONSA Young Research Program is to support highly talented young scientists in the Asia-Oceania region and develop their expertise and career in neutron science and technology.  The program provides financial support for Fellows to visit major neutron facilities in the region.   Application Form.  Further information available here.

AONSA 2018 Neutron School

The AONSA Neutron School will this year be held at Lucas Heights, 11-16 November.

The school provides an introduction to neutron scattering techniques including hands-on experiments and data analysis conducted using available instruments at ANSTO.

Graduate students, PhD students, post-doctoral and early-career researchers who want to learn about neutron scattering and imaging are encouraged to apply, deadline 15 June.

AANSS dates announced for 2018

The AINSE/ANBUG Neutron Scattering Symposium will be held this year, 19-21 November at Lucas Heights ANSTO.

After the success of the meeting in 2017 where we joined our colleagues in the synchrotron and accelerator communities in Melbourne, we will return to Sydney for a neutron specific symposium.

The annual ANBUG awards will be presented at this time.

The conference chair for this year’s event is Gail Iles from RMIT.   We are making every effort to keep this a low cost symposium and hope to be able to support student travel.

Powder Diffraction Data Analysis Workshop 24-26 September 2018 Sydney

The powder diffraction teams from the Australian Synchrotron and OPAL are hosting a 3 day powder diffraction data analysis workshop for beginners aimed at post-graduate students and early career researchers.

The workshop will include lectures and tutorials and present students with the opportunity to prepare a sample for X-ray measurement.

The workshop will be held 24-26th September 2018 at the University of Sydney

If there are questions please contact the Workshop Team at this email address:

ANBUG Outstanding Science Award for 2017: Prof. Chris Ling

The ANBUG Career Award for Outstanding Science was awarded to Prof. Chris Ling, University of Sydney. The announcement was made last week the ANSTO User Meeting held last week at the National Centre for Synchrotron Science, Melbourne.

Chris’s major neutron scattering achievements have been in the area of crystallography, utilising a mixture of single crystal and powder diffraction methods. As appropriate he has supplemented these studies with inelastic neutron measurements. He makes extensive use of the neutron scattering facilities at the new OPAL research reactor.

Chris is an extremely productive researcher having published thus far over 130 papers and has a H-index of 23. Highlights of the work he has conducted within Australia include the study of the unusual spin-gap behaviours in the hexagonal perovskites Ba3BiMO9 ( M = Ru, Ir) and the study of potential cathode materials for sodium batteries.

In addition to his outstanding research, Chris has played a significant role in promoting Neutron Scattering in Australia and in the wider Asian region. In particular, he is a past president of ANBUG, he was the Chair of the very successful AOCNS meeting held in Sydney in 2015, and he is currently Secretary of AONSA – in this last role he has made a significant contribution to a number of AONSA Neutron Schools.

ANBUG Career Award for 2017: Robert Robinson

The ANBUG Career Award was awarded to Dr Robert Robinson for outstanding contributions to neutron science spanning an entire career. The announcement was made last week the ANSTO User Meeting held last week at the National Centre for Synchrotron Science, Melbourne.

Dr Robert Robinson for his leadership in building and the transformation of Australia’s Neutron Scattering facilities at the OPAL reactor over the past 15 years, into one of Australia’s most significant research centres and a leading international neutron scattering research facility. The establishment of the Bragg Institute at ANSTO as a centre of excellence for neutron scattering was, in many ways, made possible by the singular vision, commitment and collaborative spirit of Dr Robert Robinson. Dr Robinson acted as its Head from its inception in 2002, through its establishment until 2016. The Bragg Institute initially oversaw the construction and commissioned eight instruments. The Super-Science-funded Neutron Beam Expansion Project, which increased the number of instruments to 13, was conceived, developed and financed under Dr Robinson’s leadership; it was successfully completed in 2015. The establishment of the Bragg Institute, the recruitment of staff, the construction and commissioning of a suite of state-of-the-art instruments and sample environments, formation and operation of a user office, development of research policy and strategy and maintaining partnerships could only be achieved by a highly competent, strong leader who could draw the best from everyone.

ANBUG president, Ian Gentle congrulations Dr Robert Robinson on the being awarded the ANBUG Career Award for 2017.

ANBUG awards 2017

ANBUG Awards 2017 Nomination Form

ANBUG offers awards to outstanding members of the neutron user community in the following two areas:

ANBUG Career Award – for sustained contribution to a scientific subfield, or subfields, using neutron scattering techniques.

ANBUG Neutron Award – for outstanding research in neutron science and leadership promoting the Australian neutron scattering community.

This year we would like to recognise the achievements of our users by awarding one or both of these awards and nominations are now open. Nominations should be submitted to the ANBUG Secretary ( by close of business on Friday 3rd November, 2017.

Awards will be presented at the ANSTO User Meeting. 22-24 November 2017

Travel support to attend 38th Berlin Neutron School

ANSTO and AINSE will fund two Australia-based PhD students or post-doctoral fellows to attend the 38th Berlin Neutron School to be held March 1 – 9, 2018, at the HZB campus in Berlin.  The school will comprise lectures about the production of neutrons, neutron scattering in general, the different neutron-scattering techniques, overviews of neutron science at various facilities, hands-on experimental sessions, and a students’ poster session.

If you wish to apply for one of these positions at the school and for ANSTO/AINSE travel support to attend the school, please apply directly via the school web site ( (Deadline, October 15, 2017), with an e-mail to Ashley Hill ( that you wish to be considered for the travel support.