AONSA newsletter April 2014

The latest AONSA newsletter (Vol 6 No 1) is available from the AONSA website. This edition is chock-full of useful information, including updates from the executive, a J-PARC facility report, reports from national societies and meetings, and advance notice of upcoming meetings and the AONSA school.

ANBUG election results 2012

Erich Kisi was elected vice-president. The other new committee members are Kenneth Blomqvist (Pacific Rail) and Michael James (ANSTO/AS).  The full executive committee is shown here.

ANBUG 2012 Elections now open

Elections to the ANBUG executive for 2012 are now open.  This year, elections are being held for vice-president (who will become president in two years’ time) and two ordinary executive committee members. Biographies of the candidates are available here.

Each ANBUG member will receive an email with a link to a surveymonkey poll.  Each member may only fill out this poll once, and must do so before the 31st of October.