ANBUG awards

ANBUG recognises the achievements of our members annually in the following areas:

ANBUG Career Award – for sustained contribution throughout the recipient’s career to a scientific subfield, or subfields, using neutron scattering techniques – A$500.

ANBUG Neutron Award – for outstanding research in neutron science and leadership promoting the Australian neutron scattering community (>10 years post PhD) – A$250.

ANBUG Young Scientist Award – for outstanding research utilising neutron scattering by scientists within 10 years of PhD conferral when accounting for significant career breaks A$250.

ANBUG Technical Award – for outstanding service contributing to technical aspects of neutron scattering by university / institute staff or a beamline scientist. It is likely, but not mandatory, that it will be awarded to those who are traditionally not eligible for the other ANBUG awards, from areas such as engineering, sample environment, workshops or instrument staff that have gone above and beyond to facilitate your beam time from a technical perspective – A$250.

ANBUG Outstanding PhD Prize – for a PhD thesis on research using neutron scattering techniques submitted to a university in Australia or New Zealand after 1st January the year prior to the award year (i.e., 1st January 2022 for the 2023 award). Nominations for this award category must be accompanied by copies of the thesis and examiner reports – A$250.

The 2023 call for nominations is now open. Please refer to the nomination form, and forward completed applications to the ANBUG Secretary ( by 5 pm 1st October 2023

The Awardees for previous years are listed below, congratulations to them all.

ANBUG Awardees 2022

Congratulations to the ANBUG awardees for 2022.

Career Award – Prof. Emeritus Jill Trewhella, University of Sydney

Neutron Award – A/Prof. Kirrily Rule, ANSTO

Young Scientist – Dr. Teng Lu, Australian National University

Technical Award – Dr. Andrew Nelson, ANSTO

Outstanding PhD Award – Dr. Isaac Gresham, University of Sydney

Past awardees


Career Award for sustained contribution – Trevor Finlayson

Neutron Award (>10 years post-PhD) – Elliot Gilbert

Young Scientist Award (<10 years post-PhD) – Leonie van’t Hag

Technical Award – Norman Booth

Outstanding PhD Prize – Gemeng Liang


Career Award for sustained contribution – John White

Neutron Award (>10 years post-PhD) – Anna Paradowska

Young Scientist Award (<10 years post-PhD) – David Cortie

Outstanding PhD Prize – Damien Goonetillecke


Career Award for sustained contribution – Stewart Campbell

Neutron Award (>10 years post-PhD) – Vanessa Peterson

Young Scientist Award (<10 years post-PhD) – Rico Tabor

Outstanding PhD Prize – Timothy Murdoch


Outstanding PhD Prize – Grace Causer


Career Award – Rob Robinson

Award for Outstanding Research – Chris Ling


Award for Outstanding Research – Ross Piltz


Award for Sustained Contribution – Ian Gentle


Award for Outstanding Research – Maxim Avdeev

Sustained Contribution – Chris Howard


Award for Outstanding Research – not awarded

Sustained Contribution – Margaret Elcombe


Award for Outstanding Research – Prof. Erich Kisi (Newcastle University)

Sustained Contribution – Prof. Brian O’Connor