2016 AANSS meeting


We are pleased to announce that the 2016 AINSE-ANBUG Neutron Scattering Symposium will be held on Nov 29/30 at the AINSE conference centre, Lucas Heights, New South Wales, at the site of the ANSTO-operated OPAL research reactor near Sydney.
The symposium is the annual meeting of neutron scattering community in Australia and New Zealand, and also welcomes the many international users of the Australian OPAL research reactor. It is a multidisciplinary meeting of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and software developers who work with neutron scattering and imaging. It therefore provides a unique opportunity to present research highlights, and share local knowledge between the sub-disciplines to guide the direction of future neutron science within Australia, and to educate the next generation of innovators.
To register and for further details please visit the conference website.

AONSA Newsletter Vol 6 No 2

AONSA Newsletter Vol.6, No.2 has been issued.
The newsletter can be found at http://aonsa.org/aonsa-newsletters/
This issue includes the announcement of our own Jackie Knobloch as an AONSA Young Research Fellow for 2015, the previously announced award of the AONSA prize to John White, and reports from facilities and conferences around the region.

Professor John White wins 2015 AONSA prize

The AONSA Executive Committee has announced that ANU Research School of Chemistry Professor John White has been awarded the 2015 AONSA prize “For his seminal contributions to the use of neutrons in understanding molecules at interfaces, molecular crystals and self-assembly, for his visionary leadership in establishing the Asia-Oceania neutron scattering community and state-of-art neutron facilities including OPAL, and for his devoted mentoring of young scientists.

He will be awarded a certificate, a medal and monetary prize (US$5,000) at a prize Ceremony to be held during the 2nd AOCNS (July 19-23, 2015) in Manly, Sydney.

Call for nominations for ANBUG awards 2014

Nominations are now open for the ANBUG awards for 2014. Please follow the instructions on the ANBUG awards page to submit your nominations. Nominations will close around the 1st of September, depending on the date that is set for the AANSS meeting this year. Note that the composition of the awards committee has been changed this year to include recipients of past awards.

AONSA newsletter April 2014

The latest AONSA newsletter (Vol 6 No 1) is available from the AONSA website. This edition is chock-full of useful information, including updates from the executive, a J-PARC facility report, reports from national societies and meetings, and advance notice of upcoming meetings and the AONSA school.

ANBUG election results 2012

Erich Kisi was elected vice-president. The other new committee members are Kenneth Blomqvist (Pacific Rail) and Michael James (ANSTO/AS).  The full executive committee is shown here.

ANBUG 2012 Elections now open

Elections to the ANBUG executive for 2012 are now open.  This year, elections are being held for vice-president (who will become president in two years’ time) and two ordinary executive committee members. Biographies of the candidates are available here.

Each ANBUG member will receive an email with a link to a surveymonkey poll.  Each member may only fill out this poll once, and must do so before the 31st of October.