ANBUG Career Award for 2017: Robert Robinson

The ANBUG Career Award was awarded to Dr Robert Robinson for outstanding contributions to neutron science spanning an entire career. The announcement was made last week the ANSTO User Meeting held last week at the National Centre for Synchrotron Science, Melbourne.

Dr Robert Robinson for his leadership in building and the transformation of Australia’s Neutron Scattering facilities at the OPAL reactor over the past 15 years, into one of Australia’s most significant research centres and a leading international neutron scattering research facility. The establishment of the Bragg Institute at ANSTO as a centre of excellence for neutron scattering was, in many ways, made possible by the singular vision, commitment and collaborative spirit of Dr Robert Robinson. Dr Robinson acted as its Head from its inception in 2002, through its establishment until 2016. The Bragg Institute initially oversaw the construction and commissioned eight instruments. The Super-Science-funded Neutron Beam Expansion Project, which increased the number of instruments to 13, was conceived, developed and financed under Dr Robinson’s leadership; it was successfully completed in 2015. The establishment of the Bragg Institute, the recruitment of staff, the construction and commissioning of a suite of state-of-the-art instruments and sample environments, formation and operation of a user office, development of research policy and strategy and maintaining partnerships could only be achieved by a highly competent, strong leader who could draw the best from everyone.

ANBUG president, Ian Gentle congrulations Dr Robert Robinson on the being awarded the ANBUG Career Award for 2017.

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