2023 ANSTO User Meeting

ANSTO is pleased to be hosting the ANSTO User Meeting – AUM2023 in person at the Southern Sydney Event Centre in Hurstville from 27th – 29th November . The meeting will provide a unique opportunity for researchers who have accessed ANSTO’s research infrastructure and capabilities in the last year to showcase their research and outcomes.  It is also an opportunity for prospective users to hear about the unique capabilities of ANSTO’s research infrastructure, which comprises a suite of neutron beam instruments in Sydney and synchrotron beamlines in Melbourne as well as a range of other capabilities for scientific investigations including deuterated products, radiation measurements, use of natural and radioactive isotopes, radiochemistry, materials characterisation, accelerator mass spectrometry and ion beam analysis amongst others.

The call for abstracts is now open.

2023 ANBUG Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2023 ANBUG Awards. ANBUG recognises the achievements of our members annually in the following areas: Career award, Neutron Award, Young Scientist Award, Technical Award and Outstanding PhD Prize.

Please refer to the nomination form and forward completed applications to the ANBUG Secretary (secretary@anbug.net) by 5pm 1st October 2023