200 publications for Quokka!

Congratulations to the small-angle neutron scattering team at ANSTO and ACNS as its SANS instrument, QUOKKA, has just published its 200th research paper, the third instrument (after ECHIDNA and WOMBAT) there to have passed this milestone. Well done Elliot Gilbert and the QUOKKA team!

This year is shaping up to be a record one for publications, with articles in fields as diverse as: food science, magnetic nanocrystals, micelles, polymers, porosity, metallurgy (ancient and modern), complex fluids, protein structure, vortex fluidic flow, meso-scale graphite and much more….
This method (and its applications) was one of the major reasons for building OPAL in the first place, when the crucial decisions were made in the 1990s.  And QUOKKA is just the first of 3 SANS instruments using OPAL’s cold neutrons – the others are BILBY ad KOOKABURRA.

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