AANSS Poster Display Public

Welcome to our online poster exhibition! Kindly sponsored by

The posters are arranged by breakout rooms below. If you would like to discuss with the poster presenter, please join the relevant break-out room. This can be done by joining the main Zoom conference session on Thursday evening, where the breakout rooms will be accessible.

Room 1 Quoll

Room 2 Rosella
Room 3 Copperhead
Room 4 Cassowary
Room 5 Blue-ringed octopus
Room 6 Kakapo
Room 7 Peacock spider
Room 8 Box Jellyfish
Room 9 Tasmanian devil
Room 10 Dugong
Room 11 Bush turkey
Room 12 Antechinus 
Room 13 Thorny devil
Room 14 Tuatara